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Rockwell C 44-47/Oil Quenched RC 59-62

Moderate Impact/Severe Abrasion

Sizes and Packaging

All sizes are packaged in 10 lb. packs 5 packs per 50 lb. master carton.


Oil Hard 500 produces very hard and ductile weld deposits. They can be heat treated, annealed, drawn or tempered. Average hardness is RC46 and if oil quenched at 1600oF the average hardness increases to RC59-62. Welded deposits have a mixed metal structure of austenite and marteniste.


Oil Hard 500 is used in the repair and fabrication of oil hardening tool steel dies and as an overlay on mild and alloy steels subjected to severe abrasion and moderate impact. Common applications would include trimming dies, shearing edges, cutting dies and cold blanking dies.


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