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Hardness Rockwell C 58-62


Chrom-tung 600 can be used on both AC or DC machines. Excellent for hardsurfacing large surface areas using wide weave beads. Chrom-tung 600 had good operator appeal and yields a very smooth weld bead with superb adherence. Deposition is fast and the weld deposits will last a long time.


Chrom-Tung 600 is a chromium-tungsten flux-coated hardsurfacing electrode designed to produce extremely hard weld metal deposits on parts exposed to severe mineral abrasion with low impact. The extreme hardness of Chrom-Tung 600 deposits is achieved through the formation of the chromium and tungsten carbides within the matrix of the weld deposit.


Chrom-Tung 600 is used on earth moving and rock crushing equipment, augers, asphalt feed screws, sand pumps, mixer blades and crushing or pulverizing mills. Chrom-Tung 600 is very popular in the sugar cane industry where it is used to increase the life and durability of the rotating mill.

AC/DC+ (Electrode Positive)


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