Product Certificates & General Product Information

Here we have provided easy access to product certifications pertaining to many of the products carried by Washington Alloy. If you are unable to find the information you are seeking, please contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

Product Certifications

Low-Alloy GMAW Solid Wires ER80S-D2
Low-Alloy GMAW Solid Wires ER100S-1
Low-Alloy GMAW Solid Wires ER110S-1
Low-Alloy GMAW Solid Wires ER120S-1
Mild Steel Flux Cored Superflow E71T (E71T-1C/1M)
Mild Steel Flux Cored Superflow E71T-C02
Mild Steel Flux Cored USA E70T-1
Mild Steel Flux Cored USA E71T-1
Mild Steel Flux Cored USA E71T-1LF
Mild Steel Flux Cored USA E71T-11
Mild Steel Flux Cored USA E71T-GS
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E6010
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E6011
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E6012
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E6013
Carbon Steeel SMAW Electrodes E6027
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E7014
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E7016 (Low Hydrogen)
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E7018 (Low Hydrogen)
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E7018-A1 (Low Hydrogen)
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E7024 
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E7028 (Low Hydrogen)
Carbon Steel SMAW Electrodes E7048 (Low Hydrogen)
Low Alloy SMAW Electrodes E8016-B2 (Low Hydrogen)
Low Alloy SMAW Electrodes E8016-B6 (Low Hydrogen)
Low Alloy SMAW Electrodes E8016-G (Low Hydrogen)
Low Alloy SMAW Electrodes E8018-B2 (Low Hydrogen)
Low Alloy SMAW Electrodes E9018-B3 (Low Hydrogen)



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