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AWS A5.20/5.20M E71T-1C/1M, 9C/9M H8
CSA W48-01 E491T-1M - H8

Shielding Gas

100% CO2 or 
75% Ar/25% CO2

Welding Positions

All Positions (H, F, VU, OH)


-All-Position Flux-Cored Wire
-Superior Impact Value Properties
-Very Low Fume Generation
-Beautiful Bead Appearance
-Superb Operator Appeal
-Precision Level Layer Wound
-Spatter-Free Welds
-Smooth, Stable Arc
-Hermetically Sealed vacuum packaging


Eagle-Arc 719 is an all-position, single or mulit-pass wire for welding on mild and carbon steel. Features excellent feedability and operator appeal including: stable arc, low fume emissions and low spatter levels. Weld deposit exhibits good tie-in and geometry with self-peeling slag for easy removal. This wire is designed for use with 100% CO2 or 75-80% Argon, balance CO2 mixed gases. Yields good penetration on light, medium, or heavy gauge plate.


Eagle-Arc 719 is a great choice for bridge structures, ship building, earth moving equipment and all general fabrication requirements

Sizes and Packaging

.045 x 11, 33, 44 lbs spool
.045 x 550 lbs drum
.052 x 33 lbs spool
1/16 x 33, 44 lbs spool


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