Washington Alloy warehouseFounded in 1983, Washington Alloy was started as a company that could provide distributors in the welding industry with the highest quality products. From this foundation, the company was also built around principles including superior customer service, competitive pricing and attractive packaging of products.

The company’s first location opened in Puyallup, Washington – with a product line that consisted primarily of mild steel MIG wire. As the success of Washington Alloy steadily grew, the company began to add more product lines to meet the diverse needs of its growing customer base – eventually becoming a comprehensive resource for a wide variety of welding consumables, filler metals and accessories.

Over the years, Washington Alloy has steadily expanded our locations and welding product lines. Today we offer four warehouse distribution centers across the United States, including California, North Carolina, Texas and Oregon. These strategic locations allow us to quickly deliver products and provide support to every region of the country, as well as internationally.

At Washington Alloy we have made a commitment to continually grow with our customers by expanding our product lines, maintaining the strictest quality control of our products and providing customer service and technical support that is second to none.



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